Belgian Fashion Awards 2022

The yearly Belgian Fashion Awards are taking place for the fifth time. On November 24th, we will know the winners.

The Belgian Fashion Awards are an annual opportunity to celebrate Belgian fashion and to honour the creatives in the fashion industry. The event has been organised since 2017 by several partners active in the Belgian fashion scene, including the official institutions Flanders DC, MAD Brussels and Wallonie Bruxelles Design Mode, and the editorial boards of the magazines Weekend Knack and Le Vif Weekend.

The awards aim to highlight the creativity and diversity of Belgian fashion, both on a national and international level. In the fashion industry, Belgium is known as surrealistic, avant-garde and modest. During the award ceremony, this modesty is put aside to show that Belgian fashion is so much more. Belgian fashion stands for creative innovation, personality and sustainability.

This year, the Belgian Fashion Awards will take place at MAD Brussels, Centre for Fashion and Design, on 24 November in Brussels. The international jury of the awards ceremony consists of Venya Brykalin, Aya Noël, Élodie Ouédraogo, Branko Popovic, Caroline Esgain, Jesse Brouns, Nicolas Di Felice, Serge Carreira, Orsola de Castro, Elisa De Wyngaert, Eve Demoen, Pascale Mussard, Thibaud Guyonnet and Milou van Rossum. They will decide who the winners will be for the following six categories:

  • Designer of the Year: This prize is awarded to a designer working in Belgium whose work under his/her own name or for a fashion house has made an impression. The nominees are: Pieter Muller, Ester Manas & Balthazar Delepierre, Glenn Martens, Stephanie D'heygere, Charlotte de Geyter.
  • Professional of the Year: This title goes to a Belgian professional in the fashion industry who is not a designer but has distinguished himself or herself over the past 24 months. The nominees are: Fredrik Heyman, Mous Lamrabat, Base Design, Bianca Quets-Luzi, Kaat Debo.
  • Changemaker of the Year: This award is presented to a committed designer or entrepreneur in the Belgian fashion industry who has made a remarkable contribution to positive change, such as the pursuit of greater sustainability, inclusiveness or innovation. The nominees are: Ester Manas & Balthazar Delepierre - Ester Manas, Shayli Harrison- Mutani, Murielle Scherre - la fille d'O, Kenza Vandeput - Kasbah Kosmic, Siré Kaba - Erratum Fashion.
  • Emerging Talent of the Year: The winner of this category is a young Belgian talent, a Belgian label or a designer working in Belgium who stands out with his/her strong concept or great creativity. The nominees are: Marie Martens - Rosie Antwerp, Fernando Miro & Alizée Loubet - Mipinta, Eduard Both - Cap Studio, Florentina Leitner, Sarah de Saint Hubert.
  • Most Promising Graduate of the Year: This award is given to an alumnus of a Belgian fashion school who graduated in June of the previous academic year. The nominees are: Ching-Lin Chen (Royal Academy of Antwerp), Florent Seligmann (La Cambre Mode, Brussel), Mégane Gailliez (HEFF, Brussel), Sebastian Van Canneyt (KASK, Gent), Emma De Meulenaer (SASK, Sint-Niklaas), Cynthia Boes (HELMO, Luik), Violette Van Roy (Chateau Massart / IFAPME, Luik).
  • The Jury Prize: This prize goes to a Belgian or Belgian-based designer whose work under his own name or for a fashion house has particularly appealed to the international jury. The prize thus honours the designer's career path.

The seventh and final category, Fashion Brand of the Year, is up to the public. The public will have the chance to cast their votes and determine the final winner in this category as from October. Voting is possible on the Belgian Fashion Awards website as of October 11th :

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