Kasbah Kosmic

by Kenza Vandeput Taleb

Kasbah Kosmic was founded in 2019 by social worker and designer Kenza Vandeput Taleb. Kenza is driven to explore and question her dual Algerian-Belgian heritage through up-cycling, custom and reconstructed garment. Kasbah Kosmic is a brand with a strong and shifted aesthetic which uses unusual and eclectic materials, unique handcrafting techniques and eccentric playful styling.

The brand finds its influence in a phantasmal vision of Algeria and Maghrebian culture using bootleg, labels, traditional Algerian fabrics and symbols. Kasbah Kosmic is striving for pride and transparency, showing the energy from the deep ancestral Kasbah with a Kosmic vision.

Radical Patchwork, a new narrative

Kasbah Kosmic's collection is a beautiful fusion of Occidental and Oriental influences, highlighting cultural and human evolution. The brand aims to create a space where cultures can enhance each other instead of being used for their instrumental value. This collection embodies a mix of contrasts and a fusion of styles.

The designer, Kenza, has delved into the genesis of the Kasbah, drawing inspiration from key pieces and best sellers. Starting from one-on-one garments, she has expanded her vision to create a complete collection. The materials themselves have played a significant role in the birth of this collection, as Kenza ingeniously combines unexpectedly found curtains and leftover fabrics to construct the garments.

To encapsulate the brand's universe, the collection also celebrates a collaboration with the silkscreen artist, Wildbarz. Together, they have developed a strong graphic guideline that elevates the materials used. The collection explores an Arab futurism aesthetic, seeking to empower culture through dreamlike imagery. Within the visuals and isolated keywords, you will find references to the Sahara, North Africa, and Arabic calligraphy.

The collection features a non-gendered, vibrant wardrobe. Kasbah Kosmic adopts a circular approach by utilizing waste materials, second-hand clothing, and deadstock. Each piece has the potential to be produced in small, exclusive series. This method of creating offers conscious customers a uniquely individual garment, representing the power of a spontaneous moment of creation and freedom.

By using a lot of patchwork, it serves as a metaphorical representation of collaboration and inclusivity. Combining various fabrics symbolizes the coming together of different elements, cultures, or perspectives. It can be a statement of unity and diversity, emphasizing the strength and beauty that arise from embracing differences. By incorporating patchwork into a collection, Kenza can promote inclusivity, encourage dialogue, and empower individuals by celebrating their uniqueness.

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