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Expo from 16 September to 5 November

Every year, MAD Brussels awards 10 prizes to graduates of a Brussels-based creative discipline. For the first time, in September, the ten winners will be presented to the public during the MAD Graduation Show. This group exhibition not only highlights the many new talents, but also shows the wide range of courses that Brussels has to offer, from fashion and interior design to textiles, research and industrial product development.

The MAD Graduation Show highlights the graduation projects of the ten selected students. In this way, MAD Brussels tries to promote their professional careers and give a helping hand to the young entrepreneur. The group exhibition offers these starting designers visibility, guidance and networking opportunities. In addition, MAD supports the winners with the further development of their project. This support can take different forms: the creation of a catalogue, a video or an installation, but also the improvement of a prototype or the construction of a digital identity.

Florent Seligmann studied fashion design at La Cambre. His graduation collection, called Handle with Care, is a retrospective on uniforms he grew up with, for instance the uniform of a sailor, a biker or a cowboy. The collection is a representation of archetypal silhouettes, but the clothes have been reduced to their essential codes. For his graduation project in Industrial Design at La Cambre, Maxime Trassebot created an innovative modular system with metal tubes that can be clicked together and connected to build larger structures and furniture. The system makes screws or welding unnecessary. Steven Da Cruz Goncalves received his master's degree in interior design from ESA Saint-Luc in Brussels. Using the art of faience, Steven tries to convey controversial facts in a poetic way through his modern murals, combining the beautiful and haunting with a more raw and ugly truth. 

The ten winners of the MAD Graduation Prize and the participating institutes are:

  • Blandine Kosongonda — Fashion Design, Ateliers Saint-Luc Bruxelles
  • Louise Richard — Textile design, Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles
  • Florent Seligmann — Fashion Design, La Cambre
  • Maxime Trassebot — Industrial design, La Cambre
  • Helen Van de Vloet — Textile design, La Cambre
  • Rosamilia Lea — Fashion Design, Haute Ecole Francisco Ferrer
  • Mélanie Chillaud — Textile design, Haute Ecole Francisco Ferrer
  • Manon Verniers — Interior design, LUCA School of Arts
  • Steven Da Cruz Gonçalves — Interior design, Ateliers Saint-Luc
  • Emilien Maree — Interior Architecture, College of Art and Design Brussels

Practical information

16 September - 5 November: MAD Graduation Prize

The exhibition takes place at MAD Brussels: Nieuwe Graanmarkt 10, 1000 Brussels. The exhibition is open to the public free of charge from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm.

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About MAD Brussels

MAD Brussels wants to give wings to young designers. In addition to promoting and showcasing the Brussels fashion and design sector, the Center for Fashion & Design wants to stimulate, support and encourage creative initiatives. Innovative, sustainable and inclusive entrepreneurship plays a very important role at MAD. Designers can get help in developing their own brand and label.

Together with a lot of Brussels creative talent, MAD Brussels builds the creative character of the capital.


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