by Fernando Miró

MIPINTA challenges the limitations of traditional menswear by offering an alternative through pluralistic clothing and accessories that break free from societal norms. Inspired by the vibrant nightlife, where the quest for freedom is pulsating, MIPINTA aims to explore the pursuit of freedom and self-expression.

At the core of MIPINTA's philosophy is a reflection on menswear itself. By questioning the conventional and mundane codes that have defined masculinity for centuries, MIPINTA envisions a world where men can freely express themselves through extraordinary and diverse fashion pieces. Drawing inspiration from the energy of the night, MIPINTA embraces the desire for liberation and rejects the notion of impossibility. By challenging societal expectations of masculinity, MIPINTA empowers men to assert their individuality through a varied and exceptional wardrobe.

MIPINTA acknowledges the social and environmental challenges of our time and is dedicated to sustainable practices and local production. Through their commitment to quality craftsmanship, MIPINTA strives to create a sartorial language that is both generous and refreshing, transcending prejudices and conventions associated with menswear.

Capsule SS24: Shoulder to shoulder

“Shoulder to shoulder” pushes the boundaries of the symbolism surrounding broad shoulders and challenges traditional conceptions of masculinity. Often associated with strength, power, and dominance, exceptionally broad shoulders take center stage in this collection, inviting deep reflection on how social norms influence our perception of masculinity. By exploring the physical and metaphorical notions of broad shoulders, “Shoulder to shoulder” opens a dialogue on the evolution of masculinities in all their diversity.

The cotton poplin shirts are deconstructed and reimagined with unique details, placing emphasis on the shoulders and blurring the boundaries between traditional rigidity and freedom of expression. The raw denim pants adopt generous proportions, adding a dimension of strength and confidence to the masculine aesthetic. “Shoulder to shoulder” by MIPINTA thus sheds light on the importance of rethinking norms and promoting broader acceptance of diverse forms of masculinity. Broad shoulders become a symbol of pride and celebration, encouraging men to embrace their individuality and assert themselves beyond society’s imposed limits.

This collection defies expectations, providing a platform for personal expression through clothing. It paves the way for a more liberated masculinity, where broad shoulders become a sign of strength, confidence, and creativity. “Shoulder to shoulder” by MIPINTA calls for embracing diversity, challenging established norms, and forging an authentic, bold, and inclusive masculinity.

Fernando Miró

Fernando Miró is a Brussels based Brazilian fashion designer. Since his childhood in Belo Horizonte, his passion for sewing and artisanal techniques has continued to grow, taught by the hands of his grandmothers. His interest in fashion, especially in men’s fashion, grew during his adolescence in Brazil, where he was confronted with the uniformity of men’s wardrobes. Upon graduating, he decided to turn his dream into reality by launching his own brand, MIPINTA, in Brussels, with the ambition of positioning it as an international powerhouse in menswear.

His experience in the fashion industry started in 2014, when he arrived in Brussels to study fashion design at La Cambre. He chose to focus on creating menswear to bring more joy and playfulness to men’s clothing. His internships at Ronaldo Fraga (Belo Horizonte, 2016), Capara (Antwerp, 2017), Louis Vuitton Homme (Paris, 2018), and Botter (Amsterdam, 2022) provided him with a solid foundation in luxury and high-end ready-to-wear. In 2022, he was selected as a fashion finalist at the 37th Festival de Hyères, a prestigious recognition in the industry.

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