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We Inspire, Connect and Guide. That's the new slogan of MAD Brussels, the centre for fashion and design. The autumn programme is all about a new generation of young creatives from Brussels. The public will be able to meet our ten new MAD residents and the winners of the MAD Graduation Prize. We will also exhibit the work of several Brussels-based photographers who each give their unique view on today's world. Sustainability, inclusion and innovation are central to the programme.

Youth Through the Lens, Young fashion Photography

Exposition from September 16th until November 5th

Generation Z is a generation that is becoming the largest and most diverse there is. Born between 1996 and 2010, it is the first generation that cannot imagine life without the Internet and is growing up in a fully digital world. Young people belonging to this generation attach great value to individual expression and therefore need not only personalised products, but also premium products with which they can completely stand out from the crowd. However, it is also a generation that is growing up in a time of great social unrest, climate change and political conflicts. MAD Brussels presents Youth through the Lens, an exhibition that shows this generation's view of the contemporary world of fashion. A series of photos by seven photographers that completely connects to the themes of sustainability and inclusiveness to which they attach great importance.

MAD Graduation Prize

Exposition from September 16th until November 5th

In September, the ten winners of the MAD Graduation Prize will exhibit their graduation projects. Every year, MAD Brussels awards 10 prizes to graduates of a Brussels-based creative discipline, such as La Cambre, Luca School of Arts and Haute Ecole Francisco Ferrer. For the first time, these ten selected students are also brought together in an exhibition. Not only does it highlight the various new talents, it also shows the range of courses that the city of Brussels has to offer. From fashion and interior design to textiles, research and industrial product development. Winners include Louise Richard, Maxime Trassebot, Rosamilia Lea and Florent Seligmann.

Open Ateliers Days

16 & 17 September

Finally, in September we will introduce our ten new MAD Residents to the public. The selection consists of designers who investigate the current challenges of the sector of fashion and design - and of society in general. Innovative design as a tool for economic, social and ecological challenges. The 5 new fashion residents are MiPinta, Anneleen Bertels, Kenza Vandeput, Rosie Broadhead and Stefan Kartchev. For design, Studio Minimètre, Guillaume Slizewicz, Kana Arioka, Margot Van Den Berghe and Vanessa Colignon were selected. The public has the opportunity to visit the MAD residents in their studio and discover their work during the Open Ateliers Days on Friday 16 and Saturday 17 September.

Practical information

16 September - 5 November: Youth Through the Lense & MAD Graduation Prize

The exhibitions take place at MAD Brussels: Nieuwe Graanmarkt 10, 1000 Brussels. The exhibitions are open to the public free of charge from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 am to 6 pm.

16 & 17 September: Open Ateliers Days

The Open Ateliers Days take place in the studios of the MAD Incubator: Rue du Vautour 4, 1000 Brussels. The studios are open Friday and Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm and are free to the public.

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About MAD Brussels

MAD Brussels wants to give wings to young designers. In addition to promoting and showcasing the Brussels fashion and design sector, the Center for Fashion & Design wants to stimulate, support and encourage creative initiatives. Innovative, sustainable and inclusive entrepreneurship plays a very important role at MAD. Designers can get help in developing their own brand and label.

Together with a lot of Brussels creative talent, MAD Brussels builds the creative character of the capital.


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